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Solutions For Property Developer

Voice From A Thousand + Customers
For almost 30 years, IFCA has focused on delivering solutions for customers in the property industry. From boutique property companies to the leading iconic brands in the property industry, they have provided that voice and source of innovations to our software. With over a thousand customers in the property industry including customers like SP Setia, Sime Darby (Malaysia), Wanda Dalian, Country Heights, R & F Properties (China), Mitsui (Japan), CapitaLand (Singapore), Prima Buana Indonusa, Metropolitan Kentjana, Jakarta Land (Indonesia), GrowthPoint (South Africa), they represent the biggest property companies in the region and the Who’s Who in the property industry.

IFCA.Net Value Proposition
Today, the software solution, IFCA.Net has become the flagship solution for the property industry. It delivers industry best practices and technology innovations for customers to manage their property business effectively and efficiently, and to stay ahead in their business.

Let us highlight some examples.

  1. Business Policy Management
    IFCA.Net is designed with work flow technology. An application, is in defining and managing business policies. When the system finds an event condition is not within the specified parameters, it will trigger alerts and notifications. Whether the business organisation is big or small, effective business policy management and enforcement is a clear business objective to attain.
  2. Time Tested Proven Business Processes
    Take another example of the business processes. From project planning, project sales, comprehensive billings, financial accounting, to complete documentation including legal ones, to key collections or handing over of properties and defect management. These are processes that have been defined and refined over the years with a thousand customers. These are business processes that are time tested and proven.
  3. Property Sales Frenzy
    Take a final example of mobile apps technology and its application in managing the property sales process. Enabling the sales force to engage prospective property buyers to review and commit to the purchase of the property. This can be done anywhere, anytime and in real time, across multiple sales forces across different locations. Imagine creating a buying frenzy for your property sales. This is the critical period that will decide if your property project is successful or otherwise.

If we got you interested in our solution, contact us to discuss how we can be of help to your business success.