For Property Developers

Are these your current challenges?

  • I need to reach out to more potential buyers.
  • I aim to maximise realized GDV.
  • I want to build my brand and stand out from my competitors.
  • I must deliver projects on time and within budget.

P365S+ can address these concerns!

P365S+ is transforming property marketing

P365S+ is an integrated and seamless marketing and sales platform for property developers. With P365S+, property developers can reserve units online and better manage, measure and track their sales, marketing budget and conversion rates.

Key Features/

  • Mobile app allows colleagues to conduct business outside the office
  • Purchaser app for customer management
  • E-commerce portal for partners, customers and suppliers
  • Business intelligence and reporting system

How P365S+ can help your business?

Digital engagement

P365S+: Drive awareness, measure leads and track your sales

P365 provides an end-to-end property sales and marketing eco-system designed and created for you to Reach & Engage your target audiences and Convert them into your customers.

Digital marketing: Generate awareness and leads creatively

P365 offers digital marketing expertise that includes audience buying to generate awareness and leads, and creative marketing that includes project microsite, FB ads, purchaser testimonial videos, eDMs, and virtual tours of show units and aerial views. In fact, P365S+ managed to garner over 3,000 leads in approximately 8 weeks for a project in KL.

Purchaser app: Engage with your customers to build greater loyalty

Developers can leverage on their customer database with the P365 purchaser app. It allows property developers' customers to keep track of projects’ development and information pertaining to the property they purchased including online and progressive payments, and defects reporting and management. This app also enables developers to run loyalty programmes, and previews and launch campaigns with existing customers.


Sales administration: Comprehensive tools to manage every step of the purchase process

P365 S+ has complete built-in functionalities for property developers to manage products and pricing, manage prospects and sales, monitor billings and collection, and follow-up on loans and documentation.

e-Sales platform: Manage inventory, leads and sales in real-time – on-the-go

The P365 e-Sales Platform is where developer’s sales team can manage inventory and book units online in real-time via both the web and mobile app. It also comes with a comprehensive module where leads captured can be assigned to the relevant sales personnel and appointed project marketing real estate agencies. Access to P365 e-sales platform also allows sales teams and appointed agencies to read and download all relevant project information in the e-sales kit. For sales managers, they can effectively monitor and manage the sales teams and staffs’ performance.

Management app: Business intel and in-depth reports that allows you helps you make decisions – wherever your business takes you

Adopt mobile solutions to empower your team with real-time analytics, reports and company data. With the P365 S+ management app, decision makers can track projects’ performance, sales performance by company and project, billing and collection analysis, cashflow analysis, total units sold, cancellation ratio, and many more. You can even configure management dashboards for each key staff so that they can have the answers they need on demand.

Added value: Leverage on the P365 agent e-marketplace to extend your sales force

The P365 platform also comes with an Agent e-Marketplace, where property developers can leverage on an extended sales force of thousands of real estate agents and negotiators.

Why P365S+?

  • Proven solution with industry best practices
  • Reach more potential buyers with audience buying
  • Creative concepts that elevate your brand image and values
  • Integrated document management archives relevant documents and facilitates effective search and retrieval
  • Increased productivity with enterprise-wide workflow platform
  • Reduce costs with operational efficiency, reduced duplication of work and centralised purchasing
  • Integrated back office financial modules including Fixed Assets and Cash Management
  • Integrated HR and payroll modules