Fully Integrated System
Resort Plus integrates your resort operation with a single system. Although fully integrated in its design, the system can be used as individual modules and expand in stages to meet your specific requirements. Functional areas covered are:

  • Sales & Marketing
  • Reservation
  • Front Desk
  • Cashiering/Billing
  • Room Management - Housekeeping
  • Night Auditing
  • Rate/Yield Management
  • Guest History
  • Membership Recruitment

  • Membership Administration
  • Purchasing
  • Credit Control
  • Inventory Control
  • Facility Management
  • Creditor Management
  • Asset Management
  • Maintenance Management
  • Travel Agent Accounting
  • Ownership Accounting
  • Financial Accounting

Resort Plus provides full resort functions and can be seamlessly integrated to other F & B System, POS System, Golfing System, Hotel Management System and Marina Operation.

State-of-the-art Technology
We used cutting edge technology such as object orientation into our development work and translate them into practical customer benefits. This fully integrated product features:

  • Client-Server
  • Windows based—client runs on MS Windows and server on Windows NT
  • Multiple server platforms—LAN and WAN
  • Seamless integration to MS Office
  • Internet/Intranet ready
  • Scanning Technology
  • Multimedia capability
  • Touch Screen Technology

Integrated Rate/Yield Management
With Resort Plus, you can optimize room occupancy with the maximum room rate and formulate Computer-aided Rate Strategy. The system allows you to define strategy visually and easily through a calendar-driven rate conditioning. You can combine graphical presentation of historical performance and statistics. You can have a flexible rate category and rate code with optional packages setup feature that can satisfy the most demanding and sophisticated rate formulation requirements.

Group and Convention
Resort Plus can assist you in handling crucial group business without fuss. The system allows you to have one reservation, one check-in and checkout from complex convention to specialized leisure tour and airline allotments. It can also handle staggered reservation, individualized check-in and checkout, group billing with automatic routing, special package plan, split billing, special amenities and services.

Room Availability
You can view available room anytime with just a touch of a button. You can view availability by room type or drill down by specific room. Resort Plus's availability engine keeps snap shot of incoming reservation, in-house guests, outgoing guests, blocked room, etc.

Folio Management
Resort Plus automatically opens group and guest folios. You can open additional guest folios, indeed unlimited, at any time. Icon-driven pick boxes define routing instruction for each folios. You can have greater flexibility in transferring transaction from one folio to another for the same guest or for another guest. Split folio has been made easy. With the popular Windows drag and drop features, entire folio can be transferred with ease.

Night Auditing
Night auditing with Resort Plus is fast and simple. The system features user-configurable night audit reports without locking-off other users and automated close day with room charge posting. You can define transaction-logging requirements such as room transfer, transaction transfer, room upgrade, etc. You can also format your own transaction audit reports.

Versatile Membership Structure
Resort Plus supports individual and corporate membership with user-defined categorization. Each membership category can be of different membership fee and privileges. You can also accommodate term members with specific start and expiry date. Each member can have predefined number of dependents, membership fee structure and payment plan.

Membership Recruitment
Membership recruitment begins with prospecting. Resort Plus has a centralized database for prospective members with chronological event tracking capability. You can track membership applications, from submission to approval, with full audit trails. You can send individual or mass correspondence through MS Word's mail merge capability. MS Office can be seamlessly integrated to the system. You can view snapshot of recruitment status and statistics online.

Online Verification of Membership
Membership fraud is a remote thing with Resort Plus. The system allows scanning of pictures and signatures for verification online. You can verify membership status and all related information such as suspended membership, absentee, credit limit, and reported lost cards online.

Schedule of Membership Processing
Some club activities like membership transfer, conversion, absentee, and etc. take effect in the future. With Resort Plus you can schedule future activities and execute it automatically in due time. You are rest assured that things that need to be done will be done.

Comprehensive Membership History
Resort Plus maintains a comprehensive historical information about membership activities such as change of nominees, dependents, transfer, conversion, member's status, mailing of articles and etc. All activities are time-stamped optionally before or after the images are kept with user ID, date, and time.

Golf Flight Schedule
Resort Plus makes flight registration fast and easy. You can view status of flight of all courses in one screen with golfers' names. With its Touch Screen Technology, you can select the desired flight simply with a touch. You can register golfers, create bill, and select charges and payment all within the same screen. Standard charges are pre-defined and are date sensitive. With the Self-Registration Kiosk, members can register themselves and all charges can be automatically credited to their account.

USGA Handicapping System
Resort Plus's handicap computation conforms to the standard of USGA Handicapping System. It maintains handicap history and can impose control of arbitrary cut and handicap charge limit. Golfers can query handicap through the Self-Registration Kiosk. the handicapping system can be optionally integrated to the National Handicapping System.

Golf Tournament
The system supports various tournament play methods such as:

  • Stroke Play
  • Stableford
  • Bogey Play
  • Shot Gun

User can define different count-back method. Based on golfers' handicap or accumulated score, flight draw can be manual or system generated. Winners are also system generated based on pre-defined method, which include Hidden Hole. The system also supports overall winner generation by individual, team score, and division. Daily winner generation includes:

  • Individual
  • Team Score
  • Division
  • Match Play vs Par
  • Four Ball Best Ball
  • Four Ball Best Two Ball
  • Ball Sweep 1st, 9, and 2nd Winner, etc.

Electronic Tournament Score Board
Tournament results can be displayed in any electronic tournament score board. The system provides an interface to display tournament scores continuously with desired messages.

Course Maintenance
While course maintenance is an expensive operation Resort Plus provides a comprehensive Maintenance Manage System. Course maintenance work order can be system generated or user-created. The Maintenance Management System maintains all preventive maintenance schedules together with necessary equipment and chemicals. The system keep tracks of all Work Order history by tag item and provides comprehensive analysis reports on costing and spare usage.

Minimizing Receivables
Resort Plus maintains a complete set of debtor ledge. It forecasts projected collection and highlights overdue accounts through debtor aging and exception report. It automatically generates payment reminders to respective debtors based on user-defined criteria. Interest charges can also be generated for late payments and can be optionally charged to respective debtor. Post-dated check information and statement of accounts can be printed anytime.

Purchasing At the Right Price, At Time Right Time
Resort Plus aggregates material requirements based on the latest schedule. It provides information on materials on-hand and vendor delivery lead-time so you can plan and schedule your purchases at the right time. With the information on the aggregated bulk purchase requirements, price history, and present vendor quotation, you will be in a better position to negotiate for a better price on your purchases. The system also highlights any purchasing exception.

Better Control of Inventory
Resort Plus provides comprehensive features in managing your inventory. It supports multi-warehousing and various costing methods including:

  • First-in first-out (FIFO)
  • Last-in last-out (LILO)
  • Weighted Average
  • Standard Costing

The system keeps track of each stock movement and highlights any stock exception. With the online information on inventory balance, on-order quantity, reserved quantity and etc., you will have a complete control over current stocks status, your stock cost and usage.

Better Management of Creditor
The system allows an online verification of creditor invoices. It has three ways of matching invoices against Purchase Orders (PO) and delivery orders. The system keeps track of suppliers' performance and supports blacklisting of creditors as well as holding of payments of either partial or of the entire invoice. Payment to creditors can be scheduled and can be tightly controlled with system generated payment voucher and checks. You can track partially of fully paid invoices to avoid overpayment.

Comprehensive Financial Reporting
Resort Plus is built on solid accounting foundation that conforms to internationally accepted accounting principles. The system provides and maintains all the information in your company relevant to accounting that is necessary as an up-to-date minute basis for enterprise-wide control and planning.

Versatile Financial Reporting
Financial Reporting is fully integrated with the other modules in the system. It supports accrual and cash based accounting. You can print financial statements anytime for any financial period. The open bucket design approach allows you to store account balances period by period respectively. With the Financial Report Writer you can:

  • Print post-period financial statements
  • Print future period interim accounts
  • Format financial statements with ease & flexibility

Effective Cash Management
Resort Plus maintains monthly bank balance with detailed transactions so you can keep track of your bank balance and monitor all your cash transactions. All cash related transactions are automatically stored into the system. Easy bank reconciliation programs facilitate reports on any discrepancy. With the combined projected inflow and outflow against current cash position, you can plan and manage your cash more effectively.

Telematics Interface
Resort Plus takes advantage of the latest development in telecommunications to provide an improved information access to help customers, workers, support decision-makers and managers to effectively access timely and relevant information. The system provides numerous interfaces to:

  • PABX
  • Point-of-Sales
  • Key Cards
  • Pay TV, etc.

Online Reservation
Resort Plus Internet Module shortens information path between you and your customers. While your customers can make reservation online, you are reaching new customers worldwide. Internet is your gateway to the markets of the future.

Office Automation
Communicate with your customers or your staff, Resort Plus supports both external and internal communication through automated fax, e-mail or through the internet/intranet. It provides seamless integration with MS Office product suite such as MS Word or Excel. The document management feature allows you to electronically file and retrieve documents/letters throughout the system.

Graph and Chart
With the Graph Wizard, you can present your reports in graph and charts easily. You can select various graph types, resize it, change perspective, add text, and etc. You can present professional reports in style.

Resort Plus's highly acclaimed multimedia feature includes pictures and video display capabilities. The system supports data in the form of text, graphics, pictures, and voice. You can scan member's picture and signature for verification online.

Touch Screen Technology
The system is enhanced with Touch Screen Technology. You can directly point to execute the desired action or execute computer commands by a simple touch of the screen. No more computer commands to remember. No more fields sequences to follow. You can learn how to use the software quickly.

Configurable to your Requirement
Resort Plus features table-driven design that allows you to configure the system-from data content to outlook-to your exact requirements. The Menu Configurator allows you to modify unlimited level of explorer menu. For ease of navigation, the system handler has distinctive menu icon and direct program launching capability. You can resize fields, relocate fields, change font & color, add fields, remove fields, and etc. The Screen Configurator allows you to customize the system's screen layout. You can prepare standard letters elegantly using commercially available word processing packages and the system's Report Wizard. Standard correspondence in Resort Plus is mail-merged with MS Word.

Smart Report Wizard
Resort Plus provides comprehensive sets of quality reports in both text and graphical format. Its Smart Report Wizard (SRW) provides versatile reporting capability such as:

  • Report Grouping
  • Batch print capability
  • Automatic printing routing based on previous print.
  • User defined data selection criteria. Selection criteria are printed at the end of the report.
  • Print preview
  • Page navigation
  • Configurable report size. You can zoom in or out.
  • Report Annotation.
  • User-editable report layout & reusability.
  • Dynamic graphing through report data source in numerous graph style.
  • Report redirection to fax, e-mail, printer, or save to disk in various data format

Resort Plus design conforms to Windows graphical user interface standard. Keystrokes, mouse support and multi-session capability are integrated throughout the system. Tree view, list view, check boxes, icons, drag & drop, and etc., makes D'Resort exceptionally user-friendly. Comprehensive online help and user documentation is also available.

Worldwide Internet Support Center
Through its Worldwide Internet Support Center, IFCA provides an online technical support to all its customers via dial-up networking using modem or the Internet. This center is staffed by highly trained professionals who designed and developed the software.

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